Here at Grangetown Family Dental Health Centre we provide a range of private treatments all are listed below, we do also offer finance plans, if you would like to request this please speak to the reception team or the Dentist whilst planning your treatment.

We now offer an affordable monthly direct debit Private scheme (Flexiplan). This allows a patient to spread the cost of their Examinations and hygiene appointments over the course of a year. This does not include any other routine treatment. Any routine treatment required would be a separate charge alongside the monthly direct debit. To enquire about this private scheme please contact our practice on 0191 514 1717.

Private Treatments


Teeth-whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and produces fantastic, confidence-boosting results for a radiant smile.

Why teeth-whitening?
We've experienced a rise in the demand for teeth-whitening recently because it can produce such dramatically different results in a short amount of time. Teeth can become discolored over the years for a variety of reasons - age, smoking, coffee, tea, and red wine all contribute to discolored teeth. Bleaching kit incl.

Whitening trays and kit:
Both day time and overnight options available! 262.50
Bleaching top up kits £130.00

Full mouth hygiene treatment (Scale and polish)
Get a fresher, healthier smile and help to prevent the build-up of plaque with Airflow Tooth Polishing (Stain Removal treatment).

Private Treatments


Here at Grangetown Dental Practice, we only use the highest quality filling material to ensure optimal longevity. Patients have been choosing white or tooth-coloured fillings to better shade-match with the rest of their natural teeth.

Prices start from £84 - Amalgam fillings
£105 - Composite fillings

Like most Cosmetic dentistry prices change based on individuals choices and recommendations. Prices are subject to change.

Private Treatments


Crowns are used to repair chipped, damaged, fractured, or cracked teeth.
We recommend a crown to patients when presented with a tooth that has been damaged in some way that cannot be adequately repaired with a filling. Fitted over the cusp, or a visible portion, of the tooth, crowns are a kind of 'cap' that covers the tooth. This essentially protects and repairs the tooth, helping to reshape and re-form it while ensuring it remains functional.

Prices start at £525 but is based on each individuals needs and desires.

Private Treatments


A bridge is used to support a crown or dental implant and used to bridge a gap between two teeth. They are usually bonded either to the natural tooth or to a crowned tooth.

Bridges are normally made of either precious metals or porcelain.

Prices start from £756 but is based on each individuals needs and desires.

Private Treatments


Cosmetic dentures offer a much more pleasing aesthetic alternative to traditional dentures. While traditional dentures can help patients with missing teeth, they do not always offer the best, most uniform smile. We put every effort into ensuring our patients' cosmetic dentures fit perfectly, so that there is no slippage or discomfort. We can do this thanks to the cutting-edge dental technology used in this process. The modern materials used in cosmetic dentures also make them fit in almost seamlessly with the rest of your mouth.

Valplast [flexible dentures] dentures start from £735
Cobalt chrome dentures start from £790

Private Treatments

Implants (In practice)

We now have an implantologist coming into our practice routinely.
Ask at reception or speak to your Dentist for further information regarding this.

Consultation Free
CT scan (This is carried out at Seaham Smiles and is subject to their fees). Then £100 to discuss treatment options and plan.
Total cost starts from £3000 and will include at least 3-4 visits.

Other appliances

Sports mouth guard (Color of patient's choice) £168
Retainers (Orthodontic) prices start from £79 per retainer
Lower soft splint (Grinding prevention) £198
Invisalign - See Invisalign page for details of our Invisalign treatment and costs

Please be aware all prices are subject to change based upon patients requirements and patient desires. Also not all the treatments mentioned are suitable for every patient, please be aware the best option for you will be discussed and planned with you. Signing up to our Flexiplan will also give you an additional discount on private fees.